The Why:

"I have spent decades in front of a camera. "Camera ready" is about the confidence that accompanies knowing that you look and feel like your most youthful and vibrant self. Looking great after a day of work, or parenting, can be difficult and time consuming, but I found that if my eyes look good, I look good and I feel good. 

I tried a variety of lashes to highlight my eyes, but nothing was ever quite right. Out of options and unwilling to get plastic surgery, I decided to develop my own lashes with specifically designed lash placement to highlight a woman's eyes, that I could wear daily. 

The result is Eyelusion Lashes. When I wear these lashes, I feel the confidence of being "camera ready," no matter what my day throws at me, and I know you will too."

-  Beth



Our Mission:

We are committed to making women feel, and look beautiful by providing a high quality strip lash equally suitable for daily glam and for special occasions. 

This is Eye Opening:

During her time on MTV's "Real World" and "Challenge" shows, Beth Stolarczyk spent enormous amounts of money and time having her make-up and lashes applied at the best salons from NYC to Beverly Hills. Beth recognized that professional makeup is not a practical, solution for women who want to look their best, daily. She also recognized that if she only wore lashes, without any makeup, strangers would compliment how great she looked. The market for daily lashes didn't offer Beth the right look, or conflicted with her personal beliefs (mink?!). Unwilling to get an eye lift, Beth created her own solution, Eyelusion Lashes. Now you can be confidently, "camera ready," too... every day, and night.