Lash Application:

  1. Remove one lash band, being careful to peel the strip lash from the tray by the cotton lash band.  Avoid pulling by the lash hair to remove from tray.
  2. Apply a small drop of lash adhesive to a clean surface (we love Duo lash glue).
  3. To apply glue, hold the strip by the lashes (use dry fingers or tweezers). Transfer glue to the lash band carefully running the cotton band across the surface of the wet glue.  Make sure that you apply glue to the corners of the lash strip
  4. Align and adhere the outside corner of the strip with the outside corner of your eyelid, just above your natural lashes.  
  5. Lay the length of the strip across eyelid so that sticky backing adheres to your eyelid just above your natural lash line (for the best look, make sure the corners of the lashes are well adhered to your eyelid.)
  6. Wait for a moment to let the glue cure.
  7. Blend your eyelashes together with strip lashes manually.
  8. Do not apply mascara. Do not wet lashes.
  9. Store in original tray for multiple wears.